Devising Questions

My methodology behind the structure of my questions are somewhat contradictory, aiming to specify on certain themes yet making the questions quite general in order to for them to discuss and debate-to seem like a conversation. I have constructed a few question which will not be included in the audio thus appearing to the audience as if they are listening into a conversation regarding the subject matter within the family.

Some questions I have devised to fit the brief are:

-Discuss some of the factors which lead you to make the decision to leave

-How did you interpret the uprising of Khomeini during the demonstrations

-What were the implications of the revolution for example restraints, challenges to previous society

-Which of these affected you the most

-Discuss the journeys and the challenges you faced adapting to a different cultures

All these questions are intended to be discussed in a way which everyone can talk about and add too, seeing as they all made the journey together, the individuals can add to parts of memories of others adding missed or additional information from the time. I will ask these questions and participate from behind the camera, giving the family prompts to either expand on their information or move onto a new question, as this can all be edited out in post production to look like a naturally flowing conversation. Kalow argues that by limiting the pre-composed structure to follow ‘Shortening the amount of scripted narration invariably leads to a more valid, lively, and visually interesting portrait. When actual community members give voice to their experiences and perceptions, we have more of an opportunity to become engaged in their story’ (Kallow, 2011). The question’s I have devised are quite broad and therefore provides the audience with the illusion that the conversation is naturally taking place. Additionally, all the questions guide the interviewee in an order which discusses their journey from start to finish, which is what I am to present on my documentary. The physical and cultural journey they have experienced.

As the conversation continues Im sure that they will talk about other situations they faced and they may in fact go off track, however the more footage I film the better. Having more content will allow me to specify the most informative shots/scenes to include in my film-furthermore determining and following my intended narrative.


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