Filming Techniques of Accented Cinema

‘Home’ is an integral part to the placement or situatedness of diasporic or exilic people, as ‘deterritorialized’ space which enables people to inhabit their homeland cultural practices, connoting a place of security and comfort. Thus it is important it include places of belonging in Accent films, signifies parts of peoples identities, for the audience to understand. To visual convey this, as part of my storyboard I have decided to include the front doors of each house that I will be filming in, showing the surrounding scenery in order for the audience to view the environmental surroundings which all demonstrate what country I am filming in. For example in Dubai, it is visible that the front door is located in a warm climate due to the exotic plants and the ambient sound of the crickets, whereas in architecture and the number plates of the car indicate in the London house that it is being filmed in England.

Marino describes the significance of ‘Liminal spaces’ as a space which is intended to supplement for another one, but does necessarily replace it. Furthermore she argues that ‘Immigrants are often stuck in this space “in-between” the home – alive in the memory – and the host society -where they work and live’ (Marino, 2014, p132). This not only demonstrates the difficulty in relocating in physical space but also the psychological effects affiliated in this liminal state of mine in which the space which cannot be fulfilled. Comparing these environment contributes to narrative as the varying cultures within the two countries demonstate how diasporic people have dealt with leaving their birthplace. For example Dubai is much closer to Iran, physically and culturally. Therefore it could be understood that living in Dubai could enhance the ability to regain their original sense of cultural milieu and live in a way which more closely resembles the structure of their homeland.

Thus this liminal space can be portrayed by presenting shots which represent the conflicting integration of two varying cultures, through the contrast of clips of separate cultural value. Some Idea’s I have had to convey this is film:


-London skyline

-Ornaments within the each house with represent cultural significance

-London highstreet

-Front doors/ exterior of the houses

I feel that these idea’s will portray the mix of cultures, by primarily filming inside the homes and occasionally the surrounding environments (so the audience has a clear understanding of place and location) it follows the narrative of displacement, as Marnio states the ‘idea of rebuilding a “home away from home” gives back a sense of ontological security (Giddens 1991) that is essential for immigrant’s lives (Marino, 2014, p132). Ontological security can be understood  as the individuals experiences which derive from a sense of belonging. Moreover I feel that these shots will depict the ontological security, especially with the shots cultural significance for example art, ornaments and traditional Iranian items which Accented cinema commonly include.


Marino, S. (2014) ‘The role of the refugee and the impact of fragmented identities in Diasporic filmmakers. A review of Dogville by Lars von Trier’,CINEJ Cinema Journal, 3(1).


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