Risk assessments

As i will be filming abroad in Dubai, as well as in various locations around London, I have devised a risk assessment plan in order to attempt to overcome any possible threats to my project.

Firstly, as my project relies on the information given on behalf of real situations-experienced by real people, it is vital that I arrange a set time and location with the actors. I have chosen three locations to interview the subjects of my documentary, all in their own homes. They have all given their consent to this and have given my dates in which I can film them. I found that it was best to plan this as early as possible in order to decrease the risk of them overbooking or incase they had other plans to attend to. One main problem which I have faced very early on is that two of my main subjects will actually be in a foreign country until the 20th of April, meaning I will have to put their filming on hold until then. However I am able to film a number of scenes before hand, meaning I will have the majority of my content hopefully edited by this point. Essentially the interviewee’s responses shape the narrative, therefore I am massively depending on their availability to construct my documentaries intention.


I will be filming primarily in North London- Palmers Green, East Finchley and Whetstone. These are all areas in which my interviewees live. I want to film partly in their houses as I want the audience to acknowledge the cultural differences in regards to their sense of style. My grandmothers house is quite traditionally middle eastern looking, where as my mothers is extremely modern. The interior design visually reflects many aspects of themselves, from the era they were born in, where they grew up etc. This gives the provides the audience with another dimension to the interviewee’s life, providing the audience with a better understanding of their culture. I will also be filming some transition shots of the Iranian New Year event on the 21st of March, in order to capture the large Iranian community in London. I have spoken to the event manager and he said he was more than happy to film. Initially I was thinking about interviewing a variety of people to see how many different opinions I could receive, however then I decided just to stick to my brief and follow one family. I think it makes it more intimate situation, as I hope for the audience to develop a sense of empathy towards the interviewees and the family as a whole. Therefore I will only be shooting shots such as the community socialising, including my mother who will be attending. My aim is present this documentary as natural as possible, similar to Clare Levy’s Across Still Waters. Clare filmed her subjects participating in ordinary everyday routines such as walking the dog, eating dinner, at the pub, whilst having conversations relevant to the topic of Retinis Pigmentosa. I have thought about some shots which I feel would capture the culture and routines of the families life such as: cooking meals together, sitting on the sofa debating, talking in the garden. This scenery would be suitable for the demonstrating the reality of their everyday life.

Equipment wise, I will be needing a cannon 700d DSLR, a tripod, a Tascam microphone and potentially a steadycam frame. My filming will be shot on the DSLR, however I have a feeling that I may need to hire out two cameras and tripods as in Across Still Water, many of the scenes alternated from different angles. I liked this effect as it managed to include all subjects in the scene, making it feel like the audience was looking at one person to the other. It feels more inclusive and adds to the ‘window into a world’ effect, as if the audience are inspecting or eavesdropping into a conversation.  One problem I may face is transporting the equipment from London to Dubai. I assume I will be able to check them into a suitcase however in terms of renting equipment out from university, Im not sure about their policy regarding filming abroad therefore I need to arrange an alternative option If I am not able to take them. I do have friends with DSLR cameras who would be ok with letting me borrow it, its just the tripod and Tascam which are crucial to both the audio and the framing of my documentary.

Overall, I think that I have arranged specific events quite early into the project therefore I should be ok with filming my desired footage. But people can be unreliable so the only scene I would not be able to re-film would be the Iranian New Year event. Whereas with my family, if I need to reshoot some footage, I can ask them to take 2 on the spot- as they would have agreed to dedicate a certain amount of their time to my project.


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