Presenting the project on a website

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 13.59.42

The only way I could effectively present my project was though an online website, so that the viewers could navigate from the images to through to the videos. I want to make it clear that this is not a web media project and I am using the platform of website solely to display my project ‘Beyond The Screens’

I have used the online free website maker WIX, a simple and straightforward website which allows you to easily construct you envisioned website. I have decided to keep it very minimal for two reason:

  1. Emphasising that it is not a web based project
  2. To reflect the intentions of the context of the photographs and videos, very bare and not giving away too much information

Wix has allowed to me resize, drag, drop and insert my photographs, videos and text enabling me to design it exactly how I wanted it. This saved a lot of time compared to how long it would take if I was starting a website from scratch though coding. Generally this sped up my word process of uploading the content online and has provided me with more flexibility and freedom to execute the project in the way I desire.



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