Contact sheet of final photographs




After taking around 50 photographs for each person, consisting of various lighting levels (intensity of bulb, positioning etc), camera angles, framing and compositions, I have finally narrowed it down a few of the the most suitable photographs (per person) which fit my brief.



ContactSheet original-002

I am very pleased with my final choices of photographs, however I am aware that there is variation within the lighting and the tones between the photographs. This problem can be linked with the organisation of the project, as although I aimed to film/photograph all the people on the same day, each of them had different schedules and could no attend on one planned day. Therefore I had to divide the workload into separate days, meaning that although I was able to remember the positioning of the hallogen 3 piece lighting kit, the heights needed to be changed depending on the height and positioning on the person. For example how it corresponded with their features such as skin tone and size of facial features. Although I was able to look back at the previous photographs I had taken of the other interviewee’s, it was quite difficult to recreate the exact ambience of lighting. I did try my best to do so by formatting the camera on the same settings for every shoot, however I knew that I would be to able to digitally manipulate the photographs to resemble each other through Photoshop. Elements such as levels, contrast, exposure and colour balance could be altered to result in a set of photographs which look professional, if edited carefully enough.


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