Here is a storyboard of how I envisage the website (created on Wix) as a platform to exhibit my photography and short films. The storyboards show how the user will be able to navigate through the webpages in my desired way. I have constructed the webpages in a simple format as I do not want my project to focus on the web-media element but simply as a means of presentation.


A brief storyboard of the scenes which I am shooting for the 45-60 second video:

IMG_0826The video aims to capture extreme close ups on the photographed subjects, highlighting their features by taking them out of context- concerning social¬†constructions of sexuality and the representation of sexual orientations. The close up shots are intended to confuse the viewer of who’s view is being put across, from the audio overlaying it. However I have concluded that I will be mismatching the audio and visuals of the photographed subject, in order to deceive the audience of who is actually talking. The reason I feel that this combination would be beneficial to my project, is due to the main element of decontextualising the mainstream associations of LGB people mainly influenced by their appearance, furthermore challenging this common notion that they live up to certain ideals which are presented through television as the reality of it.


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