Purpose of Black and White




One of the main reasons in which I have decided to have exhibit my final pictures in black and white is due to the metaphorical link it has with the intentions behind the photograph. Stripping all colour from the image correlates with my aim to strip the subject of any social constructs of stereotypical representations in regards to their appearance. Taking away the tones visually means its raw, it’s stripped back, it’s honest and it allows you to show the true person without the distraction of colour.

Here is a shot of one of the people I will be using in my project. I am using this as a test photograph as the positioning of the camera was no suited for what I wanted (shoulders included). I found that the black and white picture is much more striking as all his features stand out due to more definition from the combination of dark and light tones. Along with linking to my photographic intentions, the black and white photograph presents a sharp image which defines the face in such a flattering way by highlighting the contours of the face. The natural inspired studio lighting seemed to blur our small features such as his freckles, where as the black and white filter (which I manually adjusted to achieve this) emphasised these. This was something that I was extremely pleased about as I wanted to present the final pictures as people who are displaying themselves as they are, before being generalised into social groups/class/genres, simply mammals.


test matthew colourtest matthew

I have noted down the exact measurments for the filter I customised on this photograph, as I intend to use it for the rest of the final pictures. However I am aware that the other photographs will vary depending on the appearance of the subject eg skin, eye, hair colour, therefore adjustments to the filter may need to be made to keep the images looking more or less the same.


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