Impact of Composition

As I have previously mentioned in my blog post about Susan Sontag, the framing of the camera significantly manipulates the way in which an image may be perceived and interpreted. By changing the composition of the camera can completely alter the intentions the photographer wants to capture. This video I stumbled across coincidently on Facebook, documents the possibilities of representation through capturing one man from different angles. However not only does it show the variation of representations, it highlights the power of perspective (on behalf of the photographer).

Luckily, this video I found demonstrates the extent in which a photographed persona of the subject can drastically change, which is an issue I aim to highlight through how LGB people are represented in media. Therefore I will be trying to neutralise these representation by capturing both LGB and heterosexual people in a way which will diminish the element of sexuality through photographing them in a style to exhibit them as just humans.


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