Testing lighting and composition

Here are a few test shots I took of my friend Georgie. This was a starting point for my project as I wanted to play around with the framing/positioning and lighting of the photograph, to become more confident in using this equipment but also to perfect my style of photography for the final pictures.

What was used (in the Frenchay Studio):

  • 3 Point Dedo Lighting
  • Cannon EOS 700D
  • Tripod

Contact Sheet:

Test trial shoot with g

The three I have circled all tick the boxes in terms of the framing of the subject, close up headshot. However the first and third circled photographs suffer from harsh shadows in the lense, whereas the second I have manage to just about avoid them. I certainly do not want any shadowing in my photographs, so this has test shoot has taught me how the way lighting works together to compliment the subject. For example positioning them so that the shadows do not enhance any features which are not intended to be highlighted. After countless repositioning of the 3 lights, I came very close to eliminating the shadows, however this is something I found quite difficult and will have to continue working on to achieve a shadowless picture!

Other than the shadow difficulties, I succeeded in finding my desired lighting to capture the subject in. Although I will be converting the photographs into black and white in post production (photoshop), the lighting is important as I want to make sure the face is well lit as I want them to kind of illuminate on the page, brining out all their features. I was also pleased with the composition of these photographs, however I do think my final pictures will be more zoomed in, as I have mentioned before, I do not want to include any clothing in the pictures, I want to present them as simple human beings as in the interviews, I want to challenge the audience by adding the subjects voice over extreme close ups of their body/facial expressions so they have to piece the puzzle together of who is actually talking, therefore this wont give it away as easily. Furthermore I will need to position the camera higher on the tripod so that less body is shown (below their shoulders) and more face is, along with less space at the top of the screen.


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