Inspiration: How To Save The World

Recently I attended a screen of ‘How To Save The World’ at the Cube cinema. A film which documents the history of the Green Peace movement through archived footage of events and recent interviews with members reflecting on their time in the group. Throughout the duration of the film, the short interviews about the members personal experiences towards certain evens the movements encountered, led to a collection of different opinions displayed. This therefore welcomed diversity within each event spoken about, which is something I would like to demonstrate through my interviews with the LGBT. I also took inspiration from the way in which the interview shots were filmed- simple, direct and informative.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 17.11.20

Here is a trailer, giving an idea of the structure of the film:

The purpose of my narrative it not to highlight how negatively the media portray the LGBT but to in fact to collect a variety of mixed reviews. As I previously mentioned this project is partly a research project, therefore I cannot stimulate and contrive what my interviewees answers will be. The outcome of this project is not to prove a specific point but it is to gather a collection of information which will inform the public about the differing attitudes of the LGBT. As this is not something that is reported on often, it’s not a topic I think the public will become bored of hearing about therefore I hope this will encourage the public engage and empathise with.


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